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Gift Certificate

Who wouldn't just love to receive a housecleaning service treat?!!

So, nothing better than a gift Certificate from Pretty In Pink Maids. 

A Pretty in Pink Maids Gift Certificate is a truly original gift that shows how much you care for this dear person. 
Someone you know deserves Pretty in Pink Maids cleaning services. You might know this person very well and know how much he or she needs some time free to enjoy themselves when we take care of the cleaning.

Who wouldn't love it?!! 

Please, give us a text, call or email if you have any questions or concerns. NO obligation!

To purchase a Pretty in Pink Maids Gift Certificate just get in contact by phone or email and we will be glad to bring or send it to you.

You can trust  Pretty in Pink Maids. All our teams are supervised and consist of employees who are screened, trained and uniformed. Plus, Pretty in Pink Maids provides all necessary cleaning equipment and supplies.

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