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About us

Pretty In Pink Maids owner, FERNANDA SULLIVAN

Pretty In Pink Maids was developed by Fernanda Sullivan in 2009. 


Fernanda created a cleaning company that goes above and beyond customers expectations. She is someone who has seen and dealt with many different cleaning companies within her own home, and notices so many small but important things that should be accomplished. These small things are what makes the customer feel special and comfortable having you in their home. 


Fernanda was born in Brazil and now is a proud American Citizen. She also has a degree in Architecture & Urbanism and is a jewelry designer. Due to her two beautiful children and the growth of Pretty in Pink Maids, she had to pick one.

However, in the middle of 2020 (Quarantine Madness) she decided to somehow manage time to relaunch her jewelry business. 

Check her out on social media:  Facebook,  Instagram (#FernandaSullivanJewelry), 

Committed to Keeping Your Home Squeaky Clean

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